Status as of January 2020

Dear guests,

These Rules of the House have been set up in order to guarantee a maximum of safety and security for all of us, and in order to avoid unnecessary damage. We cannot do without regulations, so please forgive us if they sound somewhat strict and bureaucratic. When all is said and done, the rules are in your best interests too.

The Management


  1. The Robert Schuman Haus is a smoke-free building. In the interests of safety, the use of fireworks, flares, open fire, flammable liquids and gases is forbidden, as is the use of pyrotechnic devices (e.g. sparklers, fountains etc.). Candles may only be used within a lantern, or placed on a tray to collect the drips.
  2. Are you thinking of enhancing your event by decorating the walls, ceilings or trees? Do you want special lighting? If so, you must speak to the Management first. As a rule, we do not allow adhesive tape, drawing pins, nails etc. to be fixed to walls, doors, pillars or windows.
  3. We require written proof of the fact that any decorations and décor used are made of flame retardant material at the very least (B1 flame retardant standard). For safety reasons, and in accordance with legal provisions, flammable material must be kept at a certain distance from ignition sources such as spotlights and any pyrotechnic devices or similar.
  4. We would ask you to appreciate the fact that we cannot allow the use of confetti, fog machines, sand sieves, flower petals and other types of decorative items intended for throwing. Should the person hiring the venue fail to observe this rule, he will be invoiced for any follow-up and cleaning costs. As a general rule, the hirer is also liable for any damage to, and soiling of, the rooms or furniture.
  5. We regret to say that the hirer must also assume liability for any damage caused by third persons. Please discuss this matter with your marriage witnesses or those who are responsible for the planning of your function. We will submit a complaint regarding any damage that only becomes apparent at the cleaning stage and charge for it retroactively.
  6. On event-free days, the quiet hours in and around the building begin at 10pm. When an event is taking place, celebrations and conferences may continue until 2am.
  7. Please note that you may only use our power supply for your own electrical systems with our prior permission. Should the use of such equipment cause any malfunctioning of, or damage to, our technical systems, the hirer will be charged for this, insofar as responsibility does not lie with us.
  8. As a rule, all entrances to the building and grounds, all stairs, hallways and emergency escape routes must be kept clear, for the safety of all our guests.
  9. In case of fire, or should there be a fire alarm, persons inside the building must leave it via the marked escape routes in accordance with the evacuation plan. The assembly point is the lawn in front of the main entrance. All guests must follow the instructions given by our staff.
  10. Please note that, as a basic principle, our staff are authorised to issue instructions to any of our guests in the interests of public order and safety; in extreme cases, staff are authorised to order a guest to leave our premises and not return.
  11. Special care must be taken on the ground floor. The fire detection system in the ground-floor hall works via laser technology, which means that no objects taller than 2.5m may be placed there or transported through that area. If this rule is not observed, a fire alarm may be triggered, for which we will have to charge a fee.